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What Is our Rapid Access Acne Clinic?

At our rapid-access acne clinic, you’ll be seen by a highly skilled GP acne specialist. They will guide you through the full range of acne treatment options, including prescription creams, antibiotics, anti-androgen medication, oral vitamin A, and the new AviClear laser. If necessary, they will expedite your referral to a dermatologist. 

As part of your rapid-access acne clinic consultation, you will receive a complimentary consultation with one of our dermal clinicians, discussing complimentary skin care, acne peels, comedones extraction, diathermy and various treatment options for acne scarring.  

Book your appointment online or call 03 8582 8688 for an appointment today.

Please note that the GP acne specialist does not prescribe oral Vitamin A but can provide information about it, discuss contraceptive requirements (females only), and order pretreatment blood tests to prepare you to see a dermatologist if you wish to proceed. 


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