Suitable for: 

  • Sun damage skin
  • Aging skin
  • Tired looking skin

Downtime: 3-4 days

Treatment time: 90 minutes

Program:  consists of three treatments, each with the combination of the following:

  1. laser for redness
  2. laser for pigmentation
  3. RF nano fractional resurfacing
  4. Venus diamond polar treatment
  5. LED

This is the option for a complete skin rejuvenation to improve tone, texture and tightness of skin in the face and neck area.

Our unique combination of lasers, radiofrequency resurfacing, and RF+ electromagnetic energy skin tightening is designed to address three important ingredients of healthy skin: i.e. tone, texture and tightness.

The layering of lasers allows us to work on the surface of the skin, addressing facial redness & unwanted sun freckles, improving on surface reflectance and radiance.

The second component  of the treatment is radiofrequency resurfacing.  The skin resurfacing effect is mediated through superficial ablation with radiofrequency energy.  The RF energy is also delivered deeper within the skin (dermis) with the assistance of RF microneedling, stimulating collagen production, improving on skin texture, reduce pore size, improving acne scars, wrinkling and chronic sun damage. 

The tightness of of skin is enhanced by the Venus diamond polar treatment delivery both RF and electromagnetic energy to the skin around the jawline, reducing heaviness and enhancing a more defined facial contour.

Each treatment is finished off with a LED session to reduce down time and further rejuvenation your skin.

Given the laser layering and skin resurfacing, there will be some down time associated with this treatment.  We can adjust the treatment intensity according to your needs and your schedule.  It is definitely worthwhile to plan ahead.  Call us on 03 8582 8688 to book your appointment with our dermatologist or dermal clinician to start the discussion and planning today.

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