Medical Treatment With Lasers

By Northside Dermatology
Published on May 15, 2024



1. Synergistic Effect

Combining medical treatment with lasers can produce a synergistic effect, enhancing the overall efficacy of the treatment. For instance, in the management of acne, a multi-pronged approach may include:

  • AviClear: Targets oil glands, reducing sebum production.
  • Topical Retinoic Acid: Addresses comedones and promotes skin cell turnover.
  • Antiandrogens: Counteract hormonal effects on acne.
  • Antibiotics: Treat inflammation associated with acne.

2. Treating different components of the same condition

Before and after three sessions of vascular laser for rosacea - Northside Dermatology Melbourne

In conditions like rosacea, a combination of medication and laser therapy can address various components of the condition:

  • Medication: Targets inflammatory papules associated with rosacea.
  • Laser Therapy: Addresses excessive capillary network and flushing.

By treating both the inflammatory and vascular components of rosacea, patients can experience comprehensive relief from their symptoms.


In cases where skin cancers are excised, combining surgical excision with laser therapy can optimize scar treatment:

This comprehensive approach ensures that not only is the cancer treated effectively but also that the resulting scars are minimised for better cosmetic outcomes.

3. Addressing Acne Scarring

For individuals dealing with acne scarring, combining acne medication with procedures like laser therapy can offer significant improvements:

  • Acne Medication: Controls inflammatory acne.
  • Procedures: Target acne scarring, promoting skin repair and regeneration.

By addressing both active acne and its aftermath, patients can achieve smoother, clearer skin with reduced scarring.

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