• Bachelor of medicine and surgery, MBChB
  • Doctor of philosophy, PhD
  • Fellowship of the Australasian College of Dermatologists, FACD

Clinical interests:


  • English
  • Chinese (Mandarin)


Dr Wenyuan Liu is a specialist dermatologist and dermatologic surgeon with extensive experience in melanoma management, skin surgery, laser and aesthetic dermatology.

A subspeciality interest of Dr Liu’s is that of the early detection and management of melanoma and skin cancers. She is widely published in the field of melanoma research and has appeared as a guest speaker at numerous national and international skin cancer conferences. She is a consultant dermatologist at the Victorian Melanoma Service, The Alfred, where she is involved in both the clinical care of patients and the education of dermatology trainees.

Dr Liu established Northside Dermatology in 2017 to merge her expertise in skin cancer treatment with her passion for cosmetic dermatology. Through this combination of cosmetic dermatology with traditional medical and surgical dermatology, Dr Liu marries science and artistry, creating comprehensive treatment plans that yield superlative results and maximise patient satisfaction.

Selected Publications:

W. Liu, J.W. Kelly, M. Trivett, W.K. Murray, J.P. Dowling, R. Wolfe, G. Mason, J. Magee, C. Angel, A. Dobrovic, G.A. McArthur. Distinct clinical and pathological features are associated with the BRA FT1799A(V600E)mutation in primary melanoma. J Invest Dermatol 2007; 127:900-5. Epub 2006 Dec 7

W. Liu, J.P. Dowling, W.K. Murray, G.A. McArthur, J.F. Thompson, R. Wolfe, J.W. Kelly. Rate of growth in melanoma – characteristics and associations of rapidly growing melanoma. Arch Dermatol 2006; 142: 1551-8

W. Liu, G.A. McArthur, M. Trivett, W.K. Murray, R. Wolfe, J.W. Kelly. Correlation of subjective self-reported melanoma growth rate with objective tumor proliferation markers. Arch Dermatol. 2008 Apr; 144(4): 555-6

V. J. Mar, W. Liu, B. Devitt, S.Q. Wong, A. Dobrovic, G.A. McArthur, R. Wolfe, J.W. Kelly. The role of BRAF mutations in primary melanoma growth rate and survival. Br J Dermatol. 2015 Jul; 173 (1) 76-82. Epub 2015 Jun 13

R. J. Young, K. Waldeck, C. Martin, J.H. Foo, D. P. Cameron, L. Kirby, H. Do, C. Mitchell, C. Cullinane, W. Liu, S.B. Fox, K. Dutton-Regster, N.K. Hayward, N. Jene, A. Dobrovic, R. Pearson, J.G. Christensen, S. Randolph, G.A. McArthur, K.E. Sheppard. Loss of CDKN2Aexpression is a frequent event in primary invasive melanoma and correlates with sensitivity to the CDK4/6 inhibitor PD0332991 in melanoma cell lines. Pigment Cell Melanoma Research 2013 Jul; 27(4): 590-600. Epub 2014 Mar

B. Devitt, W. Liu, R. Salemi, R. Wolfe, J.W. Kelly, A. Dobrovic, G.A. McArthur. Clinical outcome and pathological features associated with NRAS mutation in cutaneous melanoma. Pigment Cell Melanoma Research 2011 Aug; 24 (4): 666-72 Epub 2011 Jun 22

D. Handolias, R. Salemi, W. Murray, A. Dobrovic, A. Tan,W. Liu, A. Viros, J.W. Kelly, G.A. McArthur. Mutations in KIT occur at low frequency in melanomas arising from anatomical sites associated with chronic and intermittent sun exposure. Pigment Cell Melanoma Research 2010 Apri; 23(2): 210-5. Epub 2010 Jan 20

Melanoma Research Work:

Dr. Liu completed her undergraduate medical training at the University of Otago, New Zealand. Her early interest in skin cancers led to her PhD work focusing on the clinical, pathological and molecular features of biologically aggressive primary melanomas. She worked under the supervision of Professor John Kelly (Victorian Melanoma Service) and Professor Grant McArthur (Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre) and completed her PhD through the University of Melbourne in 2005. Dr. Liu was one of the first investigators to work on BRAF mutation in primary melanomas (which is now a major therapeutic target), and the first to investigate rate of growth in melanomas. She also established one of the first databases correlating the clinical and molecular features of melanoma, which subsequently led to the conception of the Melbourne Melanoma Project. Dr Liu is well-known in the area of melanoma research, having published and presented widely in the field. She has appeared as a guest speaker at numerous national and international skin cancer conferences, and acted as an invited reviewer for prestigious journals such as Archives of Dermatology and Melanoma Research.


Beyond her melanoma work, Dr Liu is a well-rounded dermatologist who has trained with the leaders in the field, obtaining fellowship of the Australasian College of Dermatologists (FACD) in 2010. She has worked at most major hospitals in Melbourne including The Alfred, St Vincent’s Hospital, Monash Medical Centre, Box Hill Hospital, the Skin Cancer Foundation. She was also privileged to work at St George’s Hospital in London in 2007.


Dr Liu was the recipient of the Schering Plough Award from the Australasian College of Dermatologists and has also received various additional scholarships from the ACD, the Ian Potter Foundation, the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and the University of Melbourne.


Please note: Northside Dermatology operates as a facility supporting dermatologists and skin GPs. While the clinic handles administrative tasks like scheduling and billing, doctors independently manage their patients and clinical decisions. This setup establishes a contractor relationship, where doctors are not employees but partners in providing healthcare services. Additionally, doctors have the autonomy to choose their working days, times, and fees, and they may also offer their services at other locations. Patients have the right to access their clinical notes and discuss the most suitable location for consultations or treatments with their doctor.

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